Solving the Channel Management Problem

Inundated with important, must-do work? No time for menial stuff like monitoring your brand's content from one social media platform to the next? 

This is going to come as a big surprise – but it shouldn't, marketers and industry bloggers have been telling you this for a long time... 

"Social Media is the single biggest platform to reach your target audience. Period."

We currently manage the social media channels for a brand that has over 150k Facebook fans, 35k Twitter followers, and countless other brand loyalists on countless other channels. We reach roughly 50,000 people per week with branded, industry-related content. And the content is good – it's engaging, timely and right in line with our audience's interests. 

Based on what this client budgets each month for us to manage their channels, this particular brand enjoys a ridiculously low CPM on their social media efforts. In comparison to print advertising, reaching this type of targeted audience would cost upwards of $10,000 per month. The numbers are real – the results are staggering.

"We're not saying print is dead. But print is dead."

Rolling out a flashy new campaign takes a small army these days. Every social media platform is different, each with their own content formats, sharing options, size requirements, specs and dashboards. 

This fragmented landscape of content consumption has caused a logistical nightmare for brands, but creates a huge opportunity for small digital agencies to specialize in a strategy that has boundless potential. Channel Management takes a team of talented, highly-skilled digital marketers to distribute faster, smarter and more responsive content across a broad environment. 

An environment which will ultimately fragment even further in coming years as consumers pull away from the desktop and continue to migrate to smartphones for their social needs. Each brand needs a clear "owner" of the channel management – a tip of the spear so to speak. 

Some have the resources to manage all of this content distribution within their internal marketing team, others do not. 


"I'd be willing to bet 80% of ad agencies today are working off a dying marketing model."


Acknowledging that your internal team, or the agency you work with, is not up to speed on the latest strategies surrounding content management is the first step in correcting the problem. And there's no harm in it. Acknowledge and move on. 

Media Fury has added channel management as a layer to our overall process. It mitigates wasted time and streamlines our clients' entire social strategy into one well-oiled machine. The results have been astounding — leading to more conversions and positive, branded engagement. Imagine that, an agency that shuns the term "full service" and offers no creative or planning, but simply provides distribution, analytics and metrics.  

Welcome to the world of Channel Management. Forget the thousands of dollars you've pissed away on unskilled interns, big-name agencies and your nephew who is a self-proclaimed social media guru. The hard reality is that your brand needs a specialized team to keep the finger on the pulse of your social media content. 

The digital world is expanding at breakneck speeds, don't wait until it's too late to get a handle on all of your social and distribution channels. Contact Media Fury today to schedule a brief consultation to discover how we can increase your brand's footprint on the most traveled path in history.  

T.J. ChampittoComment