Media Fury has worked with some of the outdoor industry's most popular brands. We offer solutions that allow you to reach outdoor enthusiasts with the content they love. 

Locate Your Audience

Outdoor enthusiasts are a remarkable audience who are brand loyal, socially engaging and willing to spend dollars on their favorite toys. Media Fury's experience with some of the world's largest outdoor brands gives us an edge when it comes to locating and engaging your target market. Through a strategic approach to social media, SEO and content, Media Fury has the resources you need to thrive in today's outdoor sporting space. 

Be a Thought Leader

Your audience is growing, not to mention spending more and more time searching the web for information on the activities and products they enjoy. At Media Fury we believe passion drives user behavior, and your outdoor audience is seeking the same passion from their favorite brands. Content is king, and it's evolved beyond frequency and impressions – today's digital branding comes in the form of published content, inspirational video and a strong social media presence. 

Reward Yourself with Influencer Marketing 

In addition to delivering insightful, engaging content from your own brand channels, it's just as important to have influencers support and deliver your message. This is our form of Social PR – a public relations program that puts your product, your destination or your service in the hands of the most followed and trusted personalities on the web and let them tell the world how awesome you are. From critics on social media to product review sites to influential bloggers, Media Fury can get your message heard in a whole new way. 

Traditional? We Do That, Too 

Media Fury offers creative design services with rates well below the industry standard – couple that with our 11% media buying rate, and we can help reduce your costs and manage your advertising for cheaper than any agency out there – because we're smaller, smarter and more talented, of course. 

We also offer social media channel management services and can handle all of your Google AdWords, SEO and Digital Promotions. Ready to talk? We thought so...


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