Social Media Channel Management 

Media Fury offers monthly Social Media Marketing & Management services for small, medium & large businesses. Developing content calendars and designing campaigns takes a dedicated Channel Management team to distribute content across the growing list of social channels and provide analytics reporting, user behavior and campaign performance from all of your platforms. 


Social Media Advertising

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook's targeting options allow consumer-facing brands to reach a focused audience. With CPC rates as low as $0.20, this is a great place to get in front of your target market and realize amazing results. Whether it's building your fanbase or driving traffic to your site, Facebook is a proven platform for social marketing. 


Promoted Tweets amplify your content to a wider audience and not only promote your page, but increase traffic to your desired destination – website, blog, video, etc. By targeting a specific demographic audience, your Tweets will be shown to an audience you otherwise are unable to reach organically.